This is place between the past and the present,
With an atmosphere that will take your breath away.


Retreat by the Saigawa River

Located on high ground,kincha-ryo overlooks the crystal-clear water
of the Saigawa River.

Kincha-ryo is part of the property that originally belonged to Baron Yokoyama who was an important liege or Lord Maeda of the Kaga clan during the Edo period, and who later became a successful mining industrialist He is said most influenced sponsor who pass traditional Kaga cuisine to today. The building was taken over in 1933 and converted to the restaurant Kincha-ryo by the first generation Takeuchi Harujiro.

Takeuchi studied in Kyoto, where he gained a profound knowledge of the tea ceremony. He became skillful at incorporating the ideas of meals served before a tea ceremony into the cuisine of Kaga. His unique style of cuisine, which included ideas such as serving sweet shrimp raw, at a time when they were generally steamed, has been passed down to this day.

In addition to the main building, constructed in the 4,000 square yards garden in the Meiji period, there are five detached teahouses on a 40-meter slope down to the Saigawa River. The main rooms With adjoining tea rooms built at the end of the Edo period are called O-chin, and each room(matsu-no-ma with its red-ocher walls characteristic of Kaga, Ume-no-ma, the spacious and bright mauve-colored Fuki-no-ma,etc.) has its own unique atmosphere. Many of our dishes and furnishings are masterpieces, and every on occasion they are used for our customers.

Providing the best possible service for each and every customer has been a tradition since our foundation. As a historical inn-cum-restaurant representative of the castle town of Kanazawa, we have had the honor of welcoming members of the Imperial Family successive prime ministers and Henry Kissinger. We hope you will enjoy our refined dishes, made from fresh local ingredients from the mountains and the sea. We are proud to serve you imaginative and creative works Kaga cuisine.


Nest of boxes lunch : 5,000yen
Kaiseki(formal cuisine) : 8,000yen/10,000yen/12,000yen


Kaiseki (formal cuisine) from 18,000yen
For large group (15 or more), we shall present a special offer.
50 customers can be accommodated in a large banquet room

Over night stay

Price : 45,000yen (with 2 meals)

Kaga cuisine such as jibu-ni stew, gori-jiru soup is available.
We also cater for wedding receptions, tea ceremonies and Buddhist memorial services. Ask us for details.
Drink, seat charge, service charge and tax are not included in the above rates.
Room charge for kaiseki lunch & dinner: Retreat room: 1,000 yen, Large banquet room: 500yen (per person)
Service charge: 15% for dining and 20% for overnight stay Reservations required


Kincha-ryo Main branch Inn-cum-restaurant
1-8-5. Teramachi, kanazawa 921-8033
Tel:(+81)76-243-2121 Fax:(+81)76-244-1411

Kincha-ryo Korinbo branch for Kaga Cuisine
Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel 3F,
2-1-1 Korinbo, Kanazawa 920-0961
Tel:(+81)76-263-5511 Fax:(+81)76-263-5513

We accept the following methods of payment: Various credit cards, PayPay.

Reservations may be made in English by telephone or Contact-form.